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Custom Bikepacking front rack

The rider wanted a sturdy front rack for their new Surly Krampus. They wanted the ability to mount a dry bag on top, and micro-panniers on the sides. And at the same time depending on attached accessories, mount a dyno light on the side with the removable roll cage or on the front of the rack. Follow along below to watch as the rack is built!

Working on the top platform layout.

Main support legs welded on and working on the alignment of the rear legs.

Front dyno light mount!

The vertical legs included forward angled triple water bottle boss mounts for Anything style cages and or water bottles. These were angled forward so that Anything style cages could be mounted on the fork without clearance issues with cages on the fork legs.

Rear leg mount detail shot!

Top view shot of the short little rear leg mounts!

This right here is a removable 'roll cage' for a dyno light. When the light is not used or mounted on the forward mount, the roll cage can be removed so that micro-panniers can be mounted to the rack!

Rack is done and ready for paint!

Handlebar view.

Back from paint! Wow does the rack colour ever look great with the Surly Krampus frame and fork colour!

Another view.

Another view.

Close up shot of the removable dyno light roll cage.

These short rear mounts are super strong, this rack will be able to hold a bunch of items!

Lower vertical leg mount detail shot - nice and simple!

Front view.

Handlebar view.

Front view.

Front view.


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