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Here are the steps that we will take together to build a personalized frame for your adventures!

1. Get in touch

Get a hold of me so that we can get a conversation started about what type of adventure you are seeking to accomplish.  We will discuss your ideas and I can give some recommendations to pull our thoughts closer to an end product. 


2. Deposit

To proceed and secure your spot in line, I would require a non-refundable $250 holding deposit.  When I receive this deposit, I will send you a form to fill out on which you will include your measurements and information about your riding style and any other specific requirements.   

3. Design

I will then complete the design and send it to you for approval.  Once you have approved the design, we will need to bring the deposit amount up to 50% of the total cost. I will then purchase most of the parts required to complete the build.


4. Details

Now is when we will work through some of the little details such as final paint colour options.  If you have any specific parts of your own that you want included on the build, this would be the perfect time to send them to me. 

5. Build

When your turn has come, the first tubes will be cut.  I will send you lots of pictures so you can see the progress.  These are some of the most exciting times!

6. Completion

Once the build is complete, the remaining amount will be due.  You can either pick it up or I can have it delivered to you. 

7. Explore

Head off on your adventure!

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