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27.5+ Belt Drive Bikepacking Hardtail Frame, Fork and two Racks

This rider had a couple bikes that they liked how they fit and wanted them combined into their ultimate long distance bikepacking rig. This setup included a custom fork and a front and rear rack. There is enough clearance for 27.5 x 3.25" tires for a nice comfortable ride. To top things off, the frame was setup to accommodate a Gates Carbon belt driven Rohloff rear hub! Follow along in the pictures below for the build!

Premium Reynolds 853 tubeset!

Front triangle tubes mitered and fit in the jig.

Tight miters result in strong welds! This shows the bottom bracket joined with the seat tube and down tube.

Bikerpackers truly enjoy mounting things on their frames! These right here are triple water bottle boss mounts for Anything style cages on the top and bottom of the down tube as well as on the front of the seat tube.

All cleaned up!

Front triangle ready for welding.

Working on the chainstay layout. Things are tight with the Gates Belt drive and big 27.5 x 3.25" tires.

Drive side chainstay 'yoke' welded up!

Chainstays in the jig ready to be mitered for the bottom bracket joint.

Frame all welded up!

Close up shot of the seat tube, top tube and seat stay joint. Nice simple straight seat stay brace and rack mounts!

Internal routing port for a dropper post.

Another view of the 'half yoke'.

This right here is the 'break' in the drive side rear triangle so that a Gates Carbon belt can be used.

Fork legs are mitered and fit in the jig ready for welding!

Fork is welded up awaiting extra mounts.

Fork upper rack mounts and brake cable tie.

These are triple bosses angled 45 degrees rearward on the fork legs. Also shown is the brake calliper mount and lower rack mounts.

Detail shot of the dropouts. This is setup for Boost 15x110mm. Look closely you can see a hole for the Dyno hub wire for routing internally up the fork leg.

Starting on the racks!

Working on the top platforms for both the front and rear racks.

Top rack in place for fitting the legs.

Mid and rear legs welded up.

Forward triangle legs welded up and held in place prior to welding is the removable Dyno light roll cage!

Front rack all welded up!

Another angle shot of the front rack.

View from the handlebars!

Top of the rear rack.

Rear rack mocked up and ready for the legs to be fitted.

Legs mocked up and in place ready to be cut and fit.

Main vertical and forward legs welded up.

Rear legs welded on. These were included so that pannier bags could be used with the rack. Also look closely at the triple water bottle bosses on the vertical legs... Bikepackers can never have enough mounts on their bikes!

Close in detail shot of one of the leg mounts!

Included were lower strap or hook mounts for pannier bags. It's all about the little details and possibility of mounting a variety of items!

Everything ready for paint!

Back from paint - grand reveal of paint and decal colour!

Painted frame.

Head badge shot.

Handmade in Canada!

Reynolds 853!

Such a great combination of colours!

Can never get enough of this sticker!

... and this sticker!

Painted fork.

Another shot of the painted fork.

Yes the fork blades were also Reynolds 853!

Match painted rear rack.

Another angle shot of the rear rack.

Front rack shown with the Dyno light roll cage mounted. The roll cage is removable for when micro-panniers are mounted on the rack.

All built up (minus the racks) and ready for the trails!

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