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Trailer Modification for Mira

Mira needed some help to modify the trailer they use on their long bikepacking adventures with their owner. The existing trailer caused shifting problems because it was running into the derailleur on bumpy and hilly terrain. We worked together to come up with a solution to keep everyone out on the trails shifting happily into the sunset! Follow along below to see the modification come to life.

Mira waiting for the next bikepacking adventure!

New plate formed and ready to be welded onto the existing rack yoke.

New plates welded onto the existing yoke.

Side shot.

Other side.

Here it is installed on the bike to give a better idea of how things line up. You can see here how much room there is above the derailleur.

Here it is shown as if going over a big bump with clearance left over!

Top view showing the added clearance!

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