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29" (and 27.5+) Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This rider had two bikes that they really enjoyed riding but wished they could be combined into one. Going with a custom full suspension gives that ability and therefore this frame was designed and built!

One main goal of this bike was to ensure that the bike pedalled uphill amazingly well, while at the same time being very active and progressive on the downhills. To achieve this we went with a Horst-Link 4 bar linkage design which gives the ability to fine tune the balance between climbing and descending.

The frame was designed around the use of 29x2.6" tires with the ability to go 27.5x3.0". Front travel was set at 150mm, and the rear at 140mm.

Design geometry shown below:

Linkage layout.

Linkage layout at full compression.

Below are the linkage design graphs for the frame, leverage ratio (progressivity), anti-squat (pedalling performance), anti-rise (braking performance) and forces. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Front triangle tubes all mitred and fit in the jig ready for tacking and welding.

Front triangle tacked with heat sinks and purge setup for welding.

Beautiful rainbows at the head tube joint!

Front triangle all welded up along with link plate and shock mounts.

Custom made link plates installed.

Side view with the dummy shock.

Chain stays welded up. Notice the nice curves for lots of heel clearance!

Seat stays welded up.

Completely welded up frame!

Final alignment check before being sent off for paint.

Welded frame ready for paint.

Everything gets disassembled for paint.

Glossy metallic black decal on matt black powder coat.

Handmade in Canada!

Fully kit out with Race Face, Shimano and Fox!

Rear linkage movement videos.

Out in the wild nice and dirty!

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