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Custom bikepacking rear rack

This rider had a bikepacking rig that they loved but wanted to bring more gear on their longer adventures so we worked together to design and build a rear rack. We needed to make sure that a nice pair of Revelate Designs Nano Panniers would fit with adequate heel clearance. Also, the rider wanted the ability to mount a Salsa Anything cage on each side so that more water could be carried along with a dry bag on top as an alternative to the Nano Panniers. We also went with a universal front mount so that this rack could be moved to other bikes as needed.

A quick sketch to help with layout.

Bent tubes ready to be cut and fitted.

Template for the lower rack mounts.

Lower rack mounts ready to be welded.

Legs all welded up with water bottle mounts.

Machining the forward rack mounts.

Top rack ready for the legs.

All welded up!

Side view.

Back from the powder coater.

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