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29" Hardtail Mountain Bike

This next build was designed as a purpose built aggressive 29" trail bike using a 160 mm travel fork. There are a lot of little features on this frame for the added touch! The frame has room for 29x2.5" and 27.5x3" tires, long 175mm dropper post with internal cable routing as well as rear rack mounts for future bikepacking trips!

See the pictures below to follow along with the build and learn more about some of the little details!

As you can see, this frame has very modern geometry, long and low!

Materials arrived.

Sorting through details to accommodate the large tires. We went with a bent seat tube to cain the extra clearance and keep the chain stays nice and short!

Working on the seat tube.

The first cut!

Seat tube welded onto the bottom bracket.

Another detail shot of the first weld.

The rider wanted a nice and simple seat post clamp so we went with a welded on version. Of course the slot is oriented forward so that trail debris doesn't make its way down the tube while riding in wet and muddy conditions.

Checking alignment of the seat tube and bottom bracket.

Tackling the chain stays.

Things are tight so things got creative!

Making sure everything will fit.

As you can see, there wasn't much room to play with!

Front triangle all tacked. The blue hoses you see are for back purging to ensure a clean weld on the inside of the tubes. This is an added step that we do to ensure strong welds!

Bottom bracket to seat tube and down tube.

Head tube welded to the top tube and down tube.

Chain stays welded to the bottom bracket. You can see here another one of the added features of this frame, and ISCG-05 chainguide mount!

Next up, seat stays!

Welded seat stays.

A close up shot of the top of seat tube joint welds.

We went with Syntace dropouts for their simplicity and slick looks!

Checking alignment of the frame.

Some of the tools that are used to check alignment.

A completed frame, ready for paint!

Rear end details shot showing the seat stay brace, rack mounts on the dropouts and the rear brake calliper mount.

A nice grand reveal of the decal colour!

The riders chosen powder coat and decal colours turned out amazing! Honest, pictures couldn't do it justice!

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