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Custom Bikepacking Rack

This latest build was a very fun project. The rider wanted something made completely custom to mount specifically to his DaamBuilt Hardtail. Something simple yet effective and sturdy for long bikepacking adventures. It needed to play nicely with a dropper post and be strong enough to hold two Salsa Anything Cages on each side for added water or gear as well as room for a dry bag or water bladder on top. See below for the build process pictures and more insights and details!

We started with a trace of the riders bike and a sketch of how the rack was going to look. This is a typical thing you do for getting a custom frame bag made and it worked really well for this application as well!

The sneaking part with this rack is how the main rack mount at the dropout end is also used for the third mount for the Salsa Anything Cage. These of course can also be used with a regular water bottle cage.

Close up shot of the upper rack mount. This frame actually has special rack mount on the back of the seat tube, more details of this can be seen in the 3rd picture in the gallery found here:

Close up of the lower rack mounts.

Close in shot of one of the beautiful TIG welds!

Shot of the completed rack!

And of course it needed to be weighed.

11.25 ounces - 0.70 pounds - 319 grams, nice and light!

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