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Utah Kane Creek Bikepacking Trip

We had first discovered this loop browsing through's extensive map of routes. It seemed like a great intro to desert riding but with the safety of having water nearby for the first couple of days. Since we were used to the water rich terrain of western Canada, we figured this loop would be a safe bet. Turns out it was exactly what we were looking for and had an amazing time exploring new terrain.

We took an extra day than what it may normally take to complete. Though we felt that we wanted to soak in as much of the terrain and scenery as possible, and the extra day gave us that opportunity. Timing was spot on with weather as we didn't get the crazy heat and there was still water running through Kane Creek.

We would highly recommend this route and would be happy to share our experience with others if they are considering it.

Duration: 3 days - 2 nights Distance: 88.3km Elevation gain: 1177m

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